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Other Piotrowski Introductions (Not for sale at this time)

Alice Faye (Piotrowski 2002)
26”, 3”, ERe Sev, Tet, terminal Y + 2 branches, 30 buds. ((Delicate Balance x Little Mystic Moon) X Merry Company). Named for a wonderful lady, Alice Pruitt of Region 15. This heavy blooming small flower is pale peach with a pale rose red eyezone. https://www.daylilies.org/DaylilyDB/detail.php?id=146302&name=Alice%20Faye

Alternative Medicine (Piotrowski 2001)
35”, 5.5”-6”, EM Sev, Tet, top budded with occasional side branch, 15 buds. (Strange Interlude X Something Wonderful). Lavender pink bitone with rose pink eyezone. https://www.daylilies.org/DaylilyDB/detail.php?id=141769&name=Alternative%20Medicine

Angie Alabama (Piotrowski 2001)
41”, 5” M Dor, Tet, terminal Y + 2 branches, 20-23 buds. (Flying Carpet X Season’s Greetings).
Like many with this type of patterning, “Angie” really shows her stuff when the weather warms up. A good “yellow/red” bicolor with an irregularly patterned eye. This has been a good parent for me, check out some of her kids and grandkids on the seedling page. https://www.daylilies.org/DaylilyDB/detail.php?id=141762&name=Angie%20Alabama

Arresting Red (Piotrowski 1999)
29”, 4.5” M Sev, Tet, terminal Y + 1 branch, 20 buds. ((Atlanta Royalty x Vintage Bordeaux) X (Vintage Bordeaux x Omomuki)). Clear red self with yellow-green throat. This one appears in the parentage of many of my reds.

Carolina Cameo (Piotrowski 2004)
36”, 5.5”, EM Ev, Tet, Fr, terminal Y + 1 branch, 23 buds. (Pearlfisher Pink X Something Wonderful). Creamy peach pink blend with a pink halo, very pretty. https://www.daylilies.org/DaylilyDB/detail.php?id=150202&name=Carolina%20Cameo

Cultural Collision (Piotrowski 1999)
30”, 5.5”-6”, EM Sev, Tet, terminal Y + 1-2 branches, 25-30 buds. (Banana Republic X Indonesia). Pale salmon orange bitone with a large yellow throat. https://www.daylilies.org/DaylilyDB/detail.php?id=46000&name=Cultural%20Collision

Culture Shock (Piotrowski 1997)
36”, 3.5”, M Sev, Dip, terminal Y + 1-2 branches, 20-25 buds. (Fairy Firecracker X (Fairy Jester x Liebchen)). Orange yellow blend, sometimes bitone, with yellow throat. This one has Dr. Stout’s Liebchen (1956) in its background, an early flowering hybrid that Dr. Stout stated was the result of crossing four species daylilies. HM 2000; FS 2004. https://www.daylilies.org/DaylilyDB/detail.php?id=2518&name=Culture%20Shock

Ithaka (Piotrowski 2001)
27”, 5.25” EMRe Ev, Tet, terminal Y + 2 branches, 28 buds. (Kathleen Salter X Kalutara).
Always a joy to see this one blooming, very often a bouquet of flowers when established. The color begins as pale yellow, getting even lighter in full sun as the day progresses, leaving a large yellow throat radiating out onto the petals. This one is named to honor all daylily hybridizers; the journey is often a long and winding odyssey full of missteps, surprises, and rewards. It’s named for Odysseus's home; my way of incorporating Homer’s much loved poems with my daylily passion!

Just a Gigolo (Piotrowski 2001)
35”, 5.5”-6”, M Sev, Tet, terminal Y + 1 branch, 20 buds. (Torrid Tango X (Black Ambrosia x Miss Sally)). Dark red self with a yellow-green throat. https://www.daylilies.org/DaylilyDB/detail.php?id=144069&name=Just%20a%20Gigolo

Laura Lupton (Piotrowski 2005)
33”, 5.5”-6”, M Sev, Tet, top budded, 15 buds. (Mauna Loa X Marilyn Siwik). Bright orange-salmon blend. https://www.daylilies.org/DaylilyDB/detail.php?id=151979&name=Laura%20Lupton

Laurie Thorp (Piotrowski 2008)
32”, 5”, MLa Sev, Tet, terminal Y + 2-3 branches, 25-30 buds. ((Liam x sdlg) X Earth Music). A medium violet color with watermark and pale petal edges. A solid performer for me out of Flying Carpet (Moldovan) breeding.

Miss Sally (Piotrowski 1998)
30”, 5.5” M Sev, Tet, terminal Y + 1 branch, 20 buds. (Fencing Master X Flamenco Queen). Red self with yellow throat. I use this one frequently in my red breeding.

Orange Obession (Piotrowski 2005)
39”, 6”-6.5”, early-Mid Sev, Tet, terminal Y + 1-2 branches, 21 buds. Parents unknown. Orange-yellow blend with a yellow throat. Thanks to my friend Mike Ruggiero for rescuing this one and sending it to me after I moved from NY to NC. Another I’ve used to breed with; parent of Redclay Cabana Companion. https://www.daylilies.org/DaylilyDB/detail.php?id=144064&name=Orange%20Obsession

Parenthetical Parent (Piotrowski 1999)
36”, 5.5”, M Sev, Tet, terminal Y + 1 branch, 16 buds. ((My Darling Clemintine x Cartier’s Gem) X (Vera Biaglow x Greek Goddess)). Pale lavender pink blend above a large yellow throat and green heart. https://www.daylilies.org/DaylilyDB/detail.php?id=45994&name=Parenthetical%20Parent

Practical Magic (Piotrowski 2000)
35”, 5’-5.5”, MLa Dor, Tet, terminal Y + 1 branch, 21 buds. (Twilight Sun X (Indonesia x Guiniver’s Gift)). A deep butter yellow self that lightens as the day progresses. I’ve used this a lot with my yellow breeding. https://www.daylilies.org/DaylilyDB/detail.php?id=8458&name=Practical%20Magic

Redclay Cabana Companion (Piotrowski 2019)
45", 6", M Dor, Tet, terminal Y/W + 2 branches, 30 buds. (Orange Obsession X Buttered Popcorn). Bright golden orange self with lighter midribs. Stunning in a clump. https://daylilies.org/DaylilyDB/

Redclay Carnival (Piotrowski 2009)
25”, 5.25”, EM Sev, Tet, terminal Y, 13 buds. (Without Borders X Antilope Kiva). A deep orange base with a cherry red eyezone; a very round flower. https://www.daylilies.org/DaylilyDB/detail.php?id=162100&name=Redclay%20Carnival

Redclay Kiss (Piotrowski 2009)
28”, 5” EM Sev, Tet, terminal Y + 1 branch, 22 buds. (Rockola Red X (Just a Gigolo x (Fatal Impact x Ruffled Royalty))).
This is a wide petalled, nicely saturated red that to my eye is a little darker than medium red, but not quite what I’d call dark red. During warmer weather, a thin white edge appears on all segments. Color and flower form make this one of my favorite red intros. https://daylilies.org/DaylilyDB/detail.php?id=162099&name=Redclay%20Kiss

Redclay Mystique (Piotrowski 2019)
32”, 5.5”, M Sev, Tet, terminal Y/W + 1-2 branches, 30-35 buds. (Sleepy Hollow X (Fatal Impact x Ruffled Royalty)).
Another one that’s been in the seedling patch for a while. Some years I’d evaluate it and think, not special or distinctive enough. Other years, I’m simply be captivated by the color – and the color has won out. A subtle bitone, the flower is rather plain…it’s close to what back in the day we called tailored, meaning smooth segments with no ruffles, waves, or bunching along the petal edges. While it’s not exactly tailored (there is some ruffling), it is a pretty basic flower. The color starts out a slightly darker shade of lavender and lightens as the day progresses to a pastel lavender. The only one in the cross producing this shade of color, the rest were purple.

Rockola Red (Piotrowski 2008)
25”, 5.5” M Sev, Tet, terminal Y with occasional side branch, 14 buds. (Miss Sally X Crimes of Passion).
This is a bright red self with a small, triangular yellow to green throat. Like most reds, it benefits from some afternoon shade. But even in full sun, it bounces back nicely in the evening. This is out of my own Miss Sally, which has been a good red parent for me. And likewise, Rockola Red is a parent of Redclay Kiss and several futures. Check out the kids on the seedling page. https://daylilies.org/DaylilyDB/detail.php?id=158812&name=Rockola%20Red

Redclay Retro (Piotrowski 2020)
40", 6.5" EM Sev, Tet, terminal Y+1-2 branches, 23. ((Angie Alabama x Mark Janssens) X Blazing Lamp Sticks).
This plant has also been in the seedling patch for a few years. The brilliant color and taller scape make it standout among other daylilies. https://daylilydatabase.org/detail.php?id=191434&name=Redclay%20Retro

Rousseau (Piotrowski 2004)
44", 7" MRe Dor, Tet, terminal Y + 1 branch, 18 buds. (Arctic Snow X (Flying Carpet x Twilight in Tangiers).

Sanity Clause (Piotrowski 2020)
33", 5.5" EM Dor, Tet, terminal Y+1, 21 buds, EMO. (Rockola Red X ((Renegade Red x Arresting Red) x (Fatal Impact x Ruffled Royalty))).
Another great one out of Rockola Red. I consider Sanity Clause my best overall red. It's dormant so it has beautiful spring foliage, and is sunfast with brilliant color. The name is a tribute to my favorite Marx Brothers film, "A Night at the Opera".

Sleepwalker (Piotrowski 2021)
36" 7" Early-midseason Sev Tetraploid. Terminal Y + 1 branch, 16 buds. (White Eyes Pink Dragon X Tet Rose F Kennedy).
Starting early in the regular season, this large daylily has a big yellow-green throat with white highlights. The scapes have a very deep terminal V and one side branch. The form is strongly triangular but varies between equilateral and isosceles. Early morning opener. https://daylilydatabase.org/detail.php?id=193970&name=Sleepwalker

Summer Alicia (Piotrowski 2006)
35”-38”, 5” MRe Sev, Tet, terminal Y + 2-3 widely spaced branches, 20-25 buds. (Elegant Candy X Now and Zen).
Summer Alicia is one of my favorite intros. It increases quickly, has a pretty flower, looks great in a clump, the flowers open early, and because of the widely spaced branches the flowers open fully…and has some rebloom on established plants. The color is a pale peach-orange with a red eye and big yellow-green throat.

Symphony in Yellow (Piotrowski 2006)
40”, 6.5”, EM Sev, Tet, terminal Y + 1 branch, 15 buds. (Something Wonderful X Isosceles). Bright medium yellow occasionally brushed bronze.

The Big Unknown (Piotrowski 2019)
31”, 7.5” M Sev, Tet, terminal Y + 1-2 branches, 17-20 buds. (Unknown X Unknown).
I’ve been evaluating this seedling for a while and have decided to register it. My hesitation had been the inconsistent flower form, but seeing several of these big blossoms open at once is quite stunning. The flower is a lemon self; the petals are ruffled and rather well behaved, but the sepals seem to do their own thing…sometimes spread out, sometimes recurved. A fertile pollen parent, rather difficult pod setter. Although I’m not certain of the parents, the buds tend to “balloon” a little so I suspect it’s out of a Whatley yellow. https://daylilies.org/DaylilyDB/detail.php?id=188949&name=The%20Big%20Unknown

Wild Angel (Piotrowski 2000)
30”, 6”, M Sev, Tet, terminal Y + 1 branch, 21 buds. (Strange Interlude X Something Wonderful). Lavender pink bitone with a green throat. This one is a sib to Alternative Medicine.

Without Borders (Piotrowski 1999)
32”, 4.5”, M Dor, Tet, terminal Y + 2 branches, 26 buds. ((Vintage Bordeaux x Tonga Dancer) X (Cherry Candy x Best Kept Secret)). Deep orange self, without any unusual borders/edging.

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