Redclay Mystique (Piotrowski 2019)

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Redclay Mystique (Piotrowski 2019)

Redclay Mystique (Piotrowski 2019)
($50 DF)
32”, 5.5”, M Sev, Tet, terminal Y/W + 1-2 branches, 30-35 buds. (Sleepy Hollow X (Fatal Impact x Ruffled Royalty)).
Another one that’s been in the seedling patch for a while. Some years I’d evaluate it and think, not special or distinctive enough. Other years, I’m simply be captivated by the color – and the color has won out. A subtle bitone, the flower is rather plain…it’s close to what back in the day we called tailored, meaning smooth segments with no ruffles, waves, or bunching along the petal edges. While it’s not exactly tailored (there is some ruffling), it is a pretty basic flower. The color starts out a slightly darker shade of lavender and lightens as the day progresses to a pastel lavender. The only one in the cross producing this shade of color, the rest were purple.

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Redclay Daylilies and Peonies
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