The Big Unknown (Piotrowski 2019)

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The Big Unknown (Piotrowski 2019)

The Big Unknown (Piotrowski 2019)
(A few single fans available @ $80 ea.)
31”, 7.5” M Sev, Tet, terminal Y + 1-2 branches, 17-20 buds. (Unknown X Unknown).
I’ve been evaluating this seedling for a while and have decided to register it. My hesitation had been the inconsistent flower form, but seeing several of these big blossoms open at once is quite stunning. The flower is a lemon self; the petals are ruffled and rather well behaved, but the sepals seem to do their own thing…sometimes spread out, sometimes recurved. A fertile pollen parent, rather difficult pod setter. Although I’m not certain of the parents, the buds tend to “balloon” a little so I suspect it’s out of a Whatley yellow.

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Redclay Daylilies and Peonies
Greg Piotrowski

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