Redclay Cabana Companion (Piotrowski 2019)

$100.00 Single Fan


Redclay Cabana Companion (Piotrowski 2019)

Redclay Cabana Companion (Piotrowski 2019)
(A few single fans available @ $80 ea.)
45”, 6”, M Dor, Tet, terminal Y/W + 2 branches, 30 buds. (Orange Obsession X Buttered Popcorn).
This one is out of my own Orange Obsession and is a sib to Sweet Marmalade. It’s been nine years since its sib was registered and this one has been a constant companion at my little home (cabana) during that time. Tall and bright, the flower starts out as a golden-orange self with lighter midribs, but in full sun the color lightens on the segment edges, leaving a large glowing gold throat. Mature clumps in my garden send up nicely branched rebloom scapes in early September (see photo).

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