Geometric Logic (Piotrowski 2001)

$50.00 Single Fan


Geometric Logic (Piotrowski 2001)

Geometric Logic (Piotrowski 2001)
($50 SF)
35”, 6” M Sev, Tet, top branched, 15 buds. (Sultry X ((Dark Rosaleen x Atlanta Royalty) x (Mountain Violet x Persian Market))).
A big, ruffled, triangular pink flower with a faint halo and wide radiating yellow throat, darker veining and lighter midribs. Not as many buds as I like, but a pretty flower. And as is the case with many daylilies that have fewer buds, they open nicely and fully because the flowers don’t get hung up on neighboring buds and branches. I’m a fan of branching and bud count, but I also like flowers that open fully! This is another good parent for me, producing great seedlings.

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Greg Piotrowski

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