Jonathan Haubner (Piotrowski 2021)

$100.00 Double Fan

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Jonathan Haubner

Darker coloration on a cool morning.

Jonathan Haubner (Piotrowski 2021)

Jonathan Haubner (Piotrowski 2021)
($100 DF)

50", 6", VLa, Sev, diploid, terminal Y + 2-3 branches, 22 buds, fragrant. ((Autumn King x Heaven Can Wait) X Delayed Arrival).
This one begins flowering when most others have finished. It generally starts blooming late July/early August in my central NC garden and will sometimes still have flowers in early September. Beautiful, tall, arching foliage makes an impressive clump. The color is mauve, becoming more pink as the day progresses. I've bloomed and kept many from this cross, and this one has consistently been my favorite. Scapes are at varying heights. Early morning opener.

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Redclay Daylilies and Peonies
Greg Piotrowski

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