Patti Thorp (Piotrowski 2009)

$50.00 Double Fan

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Patti Thorp (Piotrowski 2009)

Patti Thorp (Piotrowski 2009)
($50 DF)
32”, 6” M Sev, Tet, terminal Y + 1-2 branches, 25 buds. (Trivia Pursuit X New Tangerine Twist).
Patti Thorp is another of my favorite intos, one of my best. It’s the color that I’m so pleased with…a rich, glowing orange-cream. The ruffled petals have raised ridges that intensify as the weather heats up. Lots of buds and lots of color on established plants.

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Redclay Daylilies and Peonies
Greg Piotrowski

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