Sanity Clause (Piotrowski 2020)

$100.00 Single Fan


Sanity Clause (Piotrowski 2020)

Sanity Clause (Piotrowski 2020)
($100 SF)
33", 5.5" EM Dor, Tet, terminal Y+1, 21 buds, EMO. (Rockola Red X ((Renegade Red x Arresting Red) x (Fatal Impact x Ruffled Royalty))).
Another great one out of Rockola Red. I consider Sanity Clause my best overall red. It's dormant so it has beautiful spring foliage, and is sunfast with brilliant color. The name is a tribute to my favorite Marx Brothers film, "A Night at the Opera". Only a few available.

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Redclay Daylilies and Peonies
Greg Piotrowski

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