On the Shoulders of Chicago Giants

$100.00 Single Fan


On the Shoulders of Chicago Giants

On the Shoulders of Chicago Giants (Piotrowski 2022)
($100 SF)

40", 6.5" EM Sev, Tet. 3-way branching, 18 buds. (Redclay Retro X Gimme Fever).
Vivid orange scarlet self with a wide yellow throat. Early blossoms are more "flat", later ones show recurved petals that sometimes twist; sepals recurve at their tips. Registered as an unusual form, crispate-cascade. This daylily honors the many pioneering hybridizers who were in the Chicago area. Looking at the lineage of this plant will uncover names such as Kraus, Fay, Hall, Griesbach, and Reckamp. Many gardeners and daylily hybridizers are grateful for what they have accomplished.

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Redclay Daylilies and Peonies
Greg Piotrowski

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